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>>On 2017-09-08 19:18, Martin Schreiber wrote: 
>> Free Pascal should allow to define the SONAME source in binding unit -
>> using 
>> dlopen()/dlsym() instead is a hack IMHO. 

>On 2017-09-08 20:18, Graeme wrote: 
>I think so too. 

OK, ok, I agree with you too.

But for "conventional" applications only.

Take the example of this project:


It allows "Only One Instance" feature.

So, if a instance is already running, a new instance will only sent a
message to the first instance and then close itself.
And then that second instance will not charge/load all the X11/Xft/PThread
stuffs before to sent the message.

I did try with integration into ideU and indeed the message is sent much


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