On Saturday 09 September 2017 19:15:18 fredvs wrote:
> > I do not understand...
> OK, I do understand now.
> So it will not be possible to use ld-linux.so.2 for calling the library
> form where/ when you want.
> > Please do not confuse "static" linking and "dynamic"
> OK. Let do like this:
> "shared/dynamic" linking using  ld-linux.so.2:
> I will call it "ld dynamic linking".
> "shared/dynamic" linking using libdl.so.2.:
> I will call it "dl dynamic linking".
I sometimes read "statically shared" for your term "ld dynamic linking" 
and "dynamically shared" for your term "dl dynamic linking".
If somebody knows the correct terms please write.


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