After some time of being very busy I finally found some
time to start comparing some texts from the introdemo
of Snatcher with the Oasis translation shown at the
Snatcher Translation Homepage
I didn't look at the real introstory yet, but I re-translated
the first texts that appear on the screen after starting
Snatcher. At first, there is this blue screen with three
lines of Japanese texts, followed by a black screen with
two lines of Japanese texts. Oasis translated these parts
with nothing more than 'This story takes place in the
corrupt world of cyberpunk'. Well, this would be very short,
now wouldn't it ? Herbert already writes that he doesn't
fully agrees with it, and he's right with that. Here follows
my translation.

(Blue screen):

'This story is fictional and the appearing group names,
company names, individual names and the like are all made
up. There is therefore totally no connection with
existing groups, companies or persons.'

(Black screen):

'This story is dedicated to all the 'Cyberpunkers', who are
fighting in a world filled with deception.'

Then there are these two menus. Literally translated these are:

0. Start from the beginning
1. Start from a saved game

If you select '0', you will get another menu:

0. Register your name
1. Don't register your name

If you select '0' again, you get the text 'Please input your name'.
After inputting a new name for the main character (whose name
normally is Gilian Seed (I can't help it; I always thought his name
was Garian, as Gilian is a girl's name actually and if you listen to
the Snatcher hearing soundtrack, this name is pronounced as
'Garian'. But, when you transcribe the katakana-name, you
definitely get 'Gilian'...), you will get the following text:

'...THX_1105, 'Inputted Name'... has been registrated in Neo Kobe
City's Neuron Computer, "Alpha Building".
  Start the investigation with this name ?
        0. Start
        1. Reinput'

This is as far as I got, but I admit I only looked at it for a short time
(it was after I finished playing the PSX-version of Snatcher, and it
was 3:00 am by that time already).

What I also wanted to know is, is this project not forgotten yet and
are the participants still working ? I read at Herberts homepage that
Sander Zuidema was assigned for the coordination. Exactly what
is he going to do ? Oh, and about Robert, the kluwer-email-address
doesn't exist anymore, his address changed to [EMAIL PROTECTED] , but
due to some problems with his computer he hasn't been able to mail
for some time now. These problems are (almost) solved now, by the

Anyway, after playing the PSX-Snatcher, I really think it is worth the
effort to translate this game. I never played the MSX-Snatcher (it was
far too slow and when I looked at that game the first time I didn't
understand any Japanese. I also dislike rastered graphics the MSX-
Snatcher features) and it was also the first time I finished Snatcher
when I played the PSX-version, so I didn't knew exactly what happened
in the game (ofcourse I finished SD-Snatcher (many times) and heard
much about Snatcher). But I really enjoyed it !

So, are we still in, or not ?


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