I've written a Wavetable Oscillator for my modular software synthesizer.

Surveying the synth software I can find (Serum, XRSDO, etc.) it seems that
they all store wavetables in WAV files, PCM format, which I'm able to read
and use with libsndfile.

However, is there any idea how I can tell how many samples per wave there

Clearly I can limit myself to factors of the file size.  EG a 65536 byte
file can have 256 waves of 256 samples, or 64 samples of 1024 samples, etc.

Is there any de-facto standard?  Or a short list of heuristics I could use?

I've tried integrating (simply summing) the waves, hoping to see the sum
come to zero right on a factor (and its multiples).  In some cases:
perfect!  But in fact many of these files seem to have either DC or simply
wave changes that keep these numbers from being zero, even when I can see
by the harmonic plot's orderliness that I have the correct sample count.

Frank Sheeran
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