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> Does anybody know a real world product that uses FFT for sound synthesis?
> Do you think its feasable and makes sense?

so this first question is about synthesis, not modification for effects, right?  and real-time, correct?  so a MIDI Note-On is received and you want a note coming out as quickly as possible?

yes exactly

i don't know of a hardware product that does inverse FFT for synthesis.  i do know of a couple of effects algorithms that go into products that use FFT.  i think it's mostly about doing "fast convolution" for purposes of reverb.

what are you intending to synthesize?  notes?  or something more wild than that?  just curious.

basically a sample "mangler", you load an arbitray sample, a loop of music for instance, and play back parts of it in real time, time streched, pitch shifted, with formants corrected or altered, backwards, forwards I dont need polyphonic playback, though that would be nice for some things right now I do this with a granular "cloud", that is many overlapping grains, which can play polyphonic or rather paraphonic, which means that the grains play pack at different pitches simultanously,
depending on the chords you play
but they all play back from the same sample position and have the same kind of "treatment" like envelope or filtering.

I thought you could maybe do this and some other stuff in the spectral domain

the idea is to change snippets / loops of existing music into new music, this idea is not new,
two demo tracks

they are mostly made from a snippet of Nancy Sinatras Fridays Child

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