Il 09/12/2012 19:52, Felix Janda ha scritto:
>> >  A possible strategy is using minimumFret when I don't want to show the
>> >  string number, but I'm a bit afraid of the warnings that it may generate
>> >  (done just few tests).
>> >  What do you recommend?
> It sounds like a good strategy. What warnings? How about for example setting
> minimumFret to 7 and enabling restrainOpenStrings in measure 8?

I'll give it a second try one of these days and let you know.

> Some minors stuff:
> - The g in measure 11 should be on string 2 shouldn't it?

yes, thanks

> - Is the penultimate chord correct like this?

yes, the previous version was (incorrectly) one octave lower

> - The "mutopiacomposer" header field needs to be fixed for old scores

You mean it must be equal to the directory?
composer = "GalileiV"

Also, IIUC "enteredby" is an old header field which can be removed. Can 
you confirm?
I'm just guessing because I can see that "git grep 'enteredby'" returns 
only .ly files and no .java files.

> Thanks for updating this piece.

You're welcome!

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