On 12/11/12 at 09:31pm, Federico Bruni wrote:
> > - The "mutopiacomposer" header field needs to be fixed for old scores
> >
> You mean it must be equal to the directory?
> composer = "GalileiV"

Yes. You can/should also check with datafiles/composers.dat. See also the
technical section at: http://www.mutopiaproject.org/contribute.html

> Also, IIUC "enteredby" is an old header field which can be removed. Can 
> you confirm?
> I'm just guessing because I can see that "git grep 'enteredby'" returns 
> only .ly files and no .java files.

It's not used by the software. But it might have some use in the future. (I
don't know.) I see that you put it into the MoreInfo field so that it will
be visible in the Mutopia listing. That's good.


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