* Marcelo Laia <marcelol...@gmail.com> [09-08-19 10:22]:
> Hi,
> I would like to read multpart (html and alternative text together) text/plain
> first.
> So, I set muttrc as follow:
> .mutt/muttrc
> auto_view text/html
> alternative_order text/plain text/html
> and mailcap as:
> .mutt/mailcap
> text/html; lynx -force_html -assume_charset=gbk -assume_local_charset=gbk /
>  -assume_unrec_charset=gbk -display_charset=utf8 -dump -force_html '%s'; /
>  description="HTML Text"; nametemplate=%s.html; copiousoutput
> This is ok and mutt read text plain first when message have only text plain or
> both, html end text plain.
> However, some messages have html and a single and sort alternate text plain
> said "your mailreader don't support html message". in this case, I need to 
> hint
> "v" and select alternate html and hint enter to read the message.
> If I change muttrc to:
> .mutt/muttrc
> auto_view text/html
> alternative_order text/html text/plain
> mutt will display html text for all multpart mail, ignoring text plain.
> There are some alternative to tell mutt to read first text plain only if it is
> the full message? Ignoring text plain messages if it is short like "your
> mailreader don't support html message"?

I have following for quite some years and do not recall ever seeing "don't
support html":

  text/html; w3m -dump -v -F -T text/html %s; nametemplate=%s.html; 
  text/html; w3m -dump %s; nametemplate=%s.html; copiousoutput
  alternative_order text/plain text/enriched text/html text 
application/postscript image/*
  auto_view text/richtext text/html text/x-sgml text/x-vcard text/x-sh \
        text/x-csrc application/x-tex \
        application/x-dvi applicatoin/x-gzip-dvi application/x-gzip \
        application/x-gunzip application/x-cpio application/x-gtar \
        application/x-tar application/x-tar-gz application/x-rar-compressed \
        application/x-zip-compressed application/zip application/x-csh \
        application/x-sh application/x-script application/x-shellscript \
        application/x-latex application/x-tex application/x-shar \
        application/x-troff application/x-troff-man application/x-troff-me \
        application/x-pgp-message application/msword \
        application/ms-tnef application/ms-word application/rtf \
        application/octet-stream application/x-tcl application/x-perl \
        application/x-debian-package message/partial \
        application/pdf application/jpeg

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