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However, some messages have html and a single and sort alternate text plain said "your mailreader don't support html message". in this case, I need to hint "v" and select alternate html and hint enter to read the message.

I have seen messages like the one you mention. They are typically newsletters and such (anything composed with an e-mail client is unlikely to yield that, in my experience, or at least I can't recall if I have ever seen one of those).

What I do is to filter all newsletters to their proper folder, and then I have this in my muttrc:

auto_view text/html
folder-hook . 'unalternative_order *; alternative_order text/plain text/html'
folder-hook newsletters 'unalternative_order *; alternative_order text/html 

So my folder "newsletters" will see HTML before text, but for the rest of the folders, text comes first.

I don't know if this solution is OK for your current workflow / setup, but at least it's working quite well for me.


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