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>> > FWIW, I (as a mutt user for 15++ years) do not need this. Thanks
>> Perhaps not, but the fact that it keeps coming up here is pretty clear
>> indication that it's a feature that would be useful to a lot of
>> people...
> Well, do you speak for you or for a 'lot of people'? Who they are?

Muttdown (a "sendmail" filter) which creates mutlipart alternative
html/text messages is the only reason I've been able to continue to
use mutt for the past 5-6 years.  About 90% of the people to whom I
send email can't deal with plaintext only. The display of plaintext is
butchered horribly by Outlook, and using plaintext-only makes me look
incompetent because I can't send an easy-to-read email (the recipient
has to save it as a text file and open it with notepad++ in a fixed
font for it to be readable).

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