Matthias Apitz writes:
> So, run mutt in an unicode-rxvt terminal. It presents URLs underlined
> and click-able. I do so and sometimes I do hate it: you click into your

Definitely not by default. I'm using rxvt-unicode, and I've tried
the "matcher" and "selection" extensions but neither one worked for
selecting multiline URLs. Do you know one that does? I only recently
switched to urxvt and I've been surprised at how bad it is at
URL selection compared to xterm (xterm has charClass and cutChars
resources you can configure that work very well for URLs).

I get the impression the mutt pager breaks long URLs anyway, which
makes it harder for a terminal to select them. It would be great to
have an option not to break them and just let the terminal wrap them
(I know that makes it harder to predict how many lines the display is).

If we're counting votes, I'm another longtime mutt fan who'd love to
be able to compose and send simple HTML messages. There are lots of
options for displaying incoming HTML messages -- none of them are
perfect, e.g. the link-clicking problem, but they're okay -- but
replying to HTML messages in mutt without losing all the formatting
is much more difficult. I spent a week or so several years ago and
never managed it (I ended up writing a python script for the once or
twice a year when I really need to send HTML mail) so I'm reading this
thread with interest to see what solutions other people come up with.


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