Yes, I too tend to do the same thing, but I am wanting to plan better.

My question for you is how then do you move between contexts? 
How do you decide which context to move to next?

For me one problem is that I tend to get stuck and spend far too long 
within each context. 
i.e. I "plough too deep" as it were, and by failing to switch between tasks 
I tend to:
a) Exhaust myself unnecessarily 
a) Tend to not cover enough ground

So I would like to put time-limits on contexts (using a nice simple kitchen 
timer on my desk!)


On Friday, February 2, 2018 at 11:44:34 AM UTC, robisme (Olivier R) wrote:
> I don't "plan" contexts.
> When I am in a specific context, I look which tasks I may work on in this 
> context. 

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