I just want to thank you guys for this conversation. I'm almost done with 
my trial period and I'm still trying to work out my system, so hearing how 
other people do it helps me to add things (or repurpose) that resonate with 
me so that I can drop things that I find I trip over in my process. Thank 
you guys so much! :)

On Thursday, February 1, 2018 at 10:45:24 PM UTC-5, John . Smith wrote:
> Hello
> OK, I have created my list of tasks, and I have put each task into one of 
> about 12 Contexts. 
> I now need a way to decide *what order* I'm going to do my Contexts by 
> briefly looking at the list of tasks within each Context.
> So I need a clever way to: 
> A) Create a list of all my Contexts, which I can then 
> B) Manually shuffle (into the order in which I intend to execute them) by 
> C) Jumping back and forth between each successive Context and the list of 
> tasks within it, e.g. by using a simple mouse click (or using a hotkey)
> To recap: From a functional/user perspective, what I'm trying to do is to 
> whiz in and out of my Contexts, and based on what's inside them to change 
> the sequence in which I will take my Contexts. 
> *Possible solutions*
> I have tried to create 12 dedicated Tabs - one for each Context - and then 
> to drag and drop the Tabs horizontally on my screen, so as to put the Tabs 
> into the order in which I intend to execute them.
> The problem is that because I already have 12 other tabs in use, and 
> because my Windows is running at a large 200% scaling, the tab names are in 
> rather a large font and it is hard to read their names.
> - Is there any way to add a bookmark to a task, so that when you click on 
> the task you are taken to the correct Context?
> - How do you folks go about planning your contexts?
> Cheers
> J

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