What contexts are you using? If they’re too personal to publicly state, you can 
use a standin name to mention it here, like ‘Wife’ or ‘Dog’ or something.

In my experience, fewer contexts work better, and adding more to the mix only 
serves as a way for me to avoid thinking through my commitments all the way by 
putting the ones I haven’t thought through all the way into the digital 
equivalent of a dust drawer that I tricked myself into thinking is not a dust 

I use ‘stars’ to definitely mark a task as needing done or worked on that day. 
With start dates, tasks can be put off to only appear when they’re ready to be 
done, and using times, you can even do it by time of day if you want that level 
of granularity. From there, I have D for deep work that requires a lot of time 
or concentration, S for shallow work that usually comprises administrative 
stuff chores and other relatively mindless things, and W for waiting for or 
deferred items. I used to use time estimates and contexts for how much time or 
energy things will take, but in 99% of cases, short tasks are administrative or 
mindless, and longer ones are creative work requiring concentration.

All of my work related things are in a career folder with various subfolders or 
projects, my personal stuff in its own folder, correspondance and networking in 
its own, health and fitness in the same way, etc. If I want to focus in on only 
one of those areas, I just zoom in on that folder, or sub folder, and the 
contexts all still hold up. Stars are my main go to though for things needing 
immediate attention. If it’s something that just showed up, I’ll often times 
not even mark one of those tasks with a context or put it in a folder that 
isn’t the inbox, as the main point is to get tasks to be starred for immediate 

I’ve played around with other various contexts with mixed results, this being 
the best setup I’ve had. I’ve never found people contexts to be useful because 
if I need to speak with someone, I’ll make a task to do that and put notes in 
there, or put it on a page for them I keep in reference apps—though I could 
easily do that in MLO now that it has Markdown support. I’ve also had little 
use for ‘errand’ contexts, keeping a grocery / supplies list in MLO instead, as 
that’s really the only ‘errand’ I ever do. Location reminders can always give 
me a notification if I want one via location, and I do use those via iOS now, 
but that’s probably outside of the realm of what you had in mind for contexts.

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