My D and S contexts take care of the energy aspect. Deep, creative work always 
requires energy, and my success there would determine whether I felt energized 
or not. Shallow work usually adds energy because I’m accomplishing things and 
building up moment with relatively little effort.

It’s your setup, but I’d be wary of having contexts for archive, do someday, 
and do soon. If you’re regularly reviewing your tasks, everything that’s tagged 
to be done at all is a someday. If something needs done by a certain date you 
can put that on it, and if not, it really is just whenever you can get to it. 
Things change as you work, so I’ve found no value in trying to make time 
commitments like that. And if something is on a list to be done at all, you 
should be committed to doing it when you can. If you’re not, it just shouldn’t 
be on that list. At least for me. I’ve actually taken a great deal of things 
out of MLO to that effect, like movies I’d like to see or books I’d like, or 
things I’d like to write or do.

It would depend on the nature of your work, but if I have my iPad Pro with me, 
I can do 90% of what I’d need to do for work, whether it involved writing, 
designing, drawing, correspondence, or otherwise. I also work from home, so I 
don’t need a separate context for that. If I didn’t, I’d just put those tasks 
in a “Home” folder to ease the management of them. If I’m out, I’m either 
working, running an errand, working out, or doing something for leisure, so I 
wouldn’t need to distinguish what I could do there because I’m actively in the 
act of doing something. All errands for me consist of buying something, so it’s 
all on a grocery list.

My folders largely look like the following:

—Specific Client folders
——Different projects for each client as relevant
-Larger Project I work on folder
-Elly (my dog)
HAF (Stands for Health and Fitness, don’t feel like typing it out each time to 
parse things there)
-Various folders related to that
-Different folders or projects for learning initiatives, etc, but no itemized 
lists of books or research, that’s all elsewhere, if anywhere
-Self-improvement stuff is here too
-Things I regularly do to stay in practice, mostly drawing, design, writing, 
and related things
-Admin Work, including things meant to remind me to review MLO
-Upkeep (things around my place to do, like cleaning, etc)
-Exclusively things I’m planning on doing reasonably soon, usually non 
specific, like ‘see a movie’ or ‘play games’. I find I don’t like committing to 
specifics on things like this, but do better categorically, and it saves me the 
trouble of making needlessly numerous entries for relatively mundane things
Grocery List
-Things that won’t fit elsewhere and I exclusively want to act more or less 
like a Tickler to pop up in the starred view on a particular date
-I throw things in here sometimes if I can’t bring myself to delete them yet. 
This often includes entire MLO databases worth of tasks, sample hierarchies or 
things I was experimenting in, project plans, etc.

That’s pretty much it. Sometimes I’ll have a top level ‘templates’ folder, but 
I’ve found it’s usually easier to have subfolders in an area with templates 
because that will usually be where I’m going to place them eventually anyway. I 
sometimes have ‘waiting for’ subfolders, but I try not to as I’m not really 
waiting for very much at all. If I’ve been paid already and someone’s supposed 
to get back to me, that’s on them, not me, and I don’t want it sullying my 
attention in the meantime. Some subfolders might be along the lines of ‘Maybe’ 
or ‘Hold’ and are turned off in todo lists. Some might also be for notes, but I 
tend to keep relevant info in MLO on the task reminders to do them, and 
extended info outside of it. This may change with Markdown support having been 
added, however. Also sometimes have a top level Waiting folder, but I wait on 
so few things that it tends not to last.

I’ve had a personal folder in the past, but really, there’s work commitments to 
others I might want to focus on, and there’s everything else, so there was 
little point in foldering all of that together. 

Yes, I only have 3 contexts, D, S, and W. 4 if you count the Star, which is 
kind of the super context for things I want to do that day or be aware of that 
day. Folders sometimes change, but it’s always basically something like that.

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