OK, Maybe I was a bit overly dramatic. One of the big 3 peered with us in a US location, but refused to peer in Canada.

I can't recall if we actually did specifically ask Rogers at one point or not. I know we haven't asked recently.

At 08:41 PM 08/08/2017, Bill Woodcock wrote:

> On Aug 8, 2017, at 5:33 PM, Clayton Zekelman <clay...@mnsi.net> wrote:
> With the peering policies of the major Canadian ISPs, you're virtually guaranteed to hairpin through the US on most paths.
> Robellus (Rogers, Bell & Telus) will peer with you at any of their major Canadian peering points, such as NYC, Chicago or LA.

To be fair, Rogers does peer in Toronto. Along with New York, Chicago, Seattle, and Ashburn.



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