On 2017-08-08 17:10, Bill Woodcock wrote:
No.  In fact, Bell Canada / Bell Aliant and Telus guarantee that you_will_  go 
through Chicago, Seattle, New York, or Ashburn, since none of them peer 
anywhere in Canada at all.

The major national networks (Bell, Rogers, Telus, Shaw, Zayo/Allstream) do peer with each other and some other large / old Canadian networks (e.g. MTS, SaskTel, Peer1) within Canada. While they do practice peering protectionism and only purchase transit out of country, the situation is not *quite* so bad that all traffic round-trips through the US.

Of course if neither side of the conversation has at least one of those major networks as a transit upstream - which is most of the eyeballs and most of the important Canadian content - you'll see that hop through Chicago or Seattle (or worse). Which is exactly the way they like it.


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