> Back when I was in HS in the 1970s, I built a clock based on an article that 
> despite searching everywhere, I can't find. I think I asked this question 
> several years ago, but I'll ask again.
> The clock used two 5v Minitron (or equivalent) displays, TTL logic, and it 
> was built on two breadboards, each about 6" square. The article showed the 
> point to point wiring layout on the boards.
> I checked old Popular Electronics and Radio Electronics, at least what I 
> could find online, with no luck. I'm guessing it was around 1972. Does anyone 
> remember?

I don't remember that one in particular, but it sounds like something you'd 
find in "Elementary Electronics" magazine.  I subscribed to this magazine for 
years and quite enjoyed the construction and theory articles, but didn't bother 
with the extensive CB radio coverage.


I scanned the six issues from 1972 but didn't see any minitron (or numitron) 
clocks.  I'd guess projects like that would be a few years later, when clock 
chips became commonly available to hobbyists.

- John

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