Elektor has been around since about 1965 - enormously popular - used to be 
all analogue but recently has become pretty much all digital/uP. They 
publish annual compendiums of all their circuits, including the bumper 
Summer editions which can have up to 100 projects. The main difference 
between Elektor and the others is that everything they print is lab tested 
by their own engineers - the PCB designs are also done by them (from the 
authors' originals).

Enormously popular in Europe and elsewhere - they publish in French, 
German, Dutch & English and sell in 50 countries - about 125,000 

There have also been about 12 annual circuit book - they're call "301 
Circuits", "302 Circuits" etc. They are a great resource for analogue ideas 
- each one contains 100s of tested ideas..

A year or so ago they published a bit about unusual valves and borrowed a 
load of trochotrons etc. from me.



On Wednesday, 9 August 2017 15:48:52 UTC+4, Terry S wrote:
> Wow, thanks for introducing me to Elektor. I wish I'd known about that 
> magazine back in the day. A ton of great projects.
> Terry

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