This is the way the industry always works when closed-source. This event
should remind everyone (and especially consumer associations) how
important is to have the industry release its software open-source, down
to the firmware and hardware. This must be an imperative especially for

But of course this will *never* happen -- the nature of corporate/competitive capitalism is drenched in secrecy, stealth, corruption, collusion, profiteering, graft, etc ... To suppose that this nature will change seems a ... pipe dream. To counter the Machiavellian, I-and-I becomes one. Open and Closed systems exist as ways of seeing/modeling reality and are each mutally exclusive worldviews. To hold one negates the other despite the apparent reality that the cosmos is indeed an Open System -- and perhaps Open Systems 'win' in the end ... but not now, not yet. When the last corporatized human lays down to die, and the lamb lies with the lion, maybe then ...

At any rate, no such imperative (the word itself sourced in imperial edict!) will come unless accompanied by imperatives erasing human rights within the techno-social system, that is the nature of imperatives.


PS - I wonder if there is a precedent for the students and faculty @ Luneburg to push for divestment from their cash cow? True and empowered learning has always been at odds with state-sanctioned and corporate-supported institution.

Dr. John Hopkins, BSc, MFA, PhD
grounded on a granite batholith
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