Dear Florian, if this is your biggest concern, than you should at
     least mention that a large section of so called âcritical net
     culturesâ in Europe has been close to Burda Foundation since a long
     time: [1]
     <[2]>. Now to
     pick at individual persons, who are considered to be German media
     theory (btw, an ascription mainly coming from the
     US/Canadian-discourse) is, begging your pardon, rather poor.

   No, it is not poor at all if these are the particular people who have
   collaborated with Hubert Burda on a book and gave his writing their
   academic blessings. That's quite some different from just taking
   funding from a private foundation.

     @Centre for Digital Culture, Leuphana University: as one of the
     addressed, let me say that the Digital Cultures Research Lab (DCRL),
     which is the only (!) entity within the Centre for Digital Cultures
     at Leuphana University that is funded by the Volkswagen Foundation
     (through a program called âNiedersaechsisches Vorabâ),

   If you carefully read my points here on Nettime, then it shouldn't have
   escaped you that I defended this funding (against Ted) and actually
   consider it a good case of repurposing company profits for public
   research and education.

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