Am 27.09.15 um 23:09 schrieb Florian Cramer:

    WWII. As far as I know, all profits that the state of Lower Saxony
    makes from its remaining 20% share go into the endowment. And, Leuphana
    is a state university of Lower Saxony.


folks, i think this is besides the point, but before assumptions about the amounts of funding by the VolkswagenStiftung to Leuphana and its Centre for Digital Cultures get completely out of hand, i suggest that whoever wants to make claims about that should first do the research, e.g. here:

... probably to find that less than 20% (just a guess) of the funding for the CDC in the last 3 years (it has not existed longer) came from VolkswagenStiftung (more from EU-EFRE, same from DFG; besides, formally, Leuphana is also not a state university but a foundation, but since it is basically treated like a public university, that's probably a legalistic detail).

the german mass media are playing the game of "who knew what when" this morning.

personally, i am looking at the case mostly from the perspective of my small collection of software-induced fuck-ups, accidents, frauds, etc., which begin to pile up into a relief picture of the vulnerability of both the technical and social (belief) systems that our glorious "digitised culture" is relying on.


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