Have you considered drilling through the bolt, like you would if you had a 
screw with a stripped head?

Consistent with other advice, I think you did what I would have done, 
although I might have done it a tad differently:

-I don't know if you used a 6-point socket or a 12-point socket, a 6-point 
socket is the way to go here.
-How long is your breaker bar?  The longer it is, the more leverage you 
have, giving you the ability to be a bit more gentle.
-When using a breaker bar, I always try to push down, rather than up or to 
the side.
-How long did you let the penetrating oil sit?  When using penetrating oil, 
patience can really pay off.

One last thing: Imagine the bolt is a jar of pickles someone just handed 
you while asking, "Can you open this for me?"  You turn the lid and it pops 
off with almost no effort, and you say, "You must have loosened it."  In 
other words, be gentle, spray some penetrating oil on it, and they walk 
away for a while.  Then try gently again later, and repeat until the thing 
comes off.

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