Date:        Wed, 12 Oct 2016 12:00:24 -0400
    From:        Paul Fox <>
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  | so you still might not know that you've left a blank To: header.

There's nothing wrong with that - Norm's issue was that sometimes he was
sending to no-one but himself, not which header the addresses appear in.

Technically (as far as the e-mail standards go) there's no difference at
all between To and cc - it's all just human factors (bcc, if it contains
addresses, is just the same).   Addresses in "to" is supposed to indicate
primary recipients, and "cc" recipients that are just included for info only.

I sometimes send a message with only a cc as a deliberate hint that the
message is just for info, and that no-one is expected to actaully do anything
with it (and that I am not waiting on replies from anyone.)

Part of the problem we have with e-mail (which is much less of an issue with
peper mail, for anyone who still uses that) is that people don't bother to
think about what they're doing, or what the message really contains - it is
ll just rapid response (click/type/send).  Eventually perhaps we might
reach (or return to) a state where people think before acting, and all of
this becomes much more rational.   One might also hope that users wise enough
to choose MH as a mail system might form the vanguard of this change.


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