Ken Hornstein <> writes:

>>I usually have a line, '', in my drafts. I do that instead of
>>something like 'fcc: inbox', because I want to see what my Email looks like
>>after it has gone through the net. But sometimes I forget to otherwise address
>>the message. But then send will just go ahead and send the message, instead of
>>balking, as it would if I used fcc instead of cc.

>I think the simplest thing to do would be to write a custom postproc
>and use it to interrogate the draft (using scan(1)) to make sure it was
>the way you want.  Like if the To: line was blank, exit with a sensible
>error message.  If you were happy with it, call the real post.

>I've attached the sample postproc I put in the nmh contrib directory;
>it's job is to change the switches to post depending on the from line,
>but you could use it to see if there's something in the To: header.

The script seems to suggest that when postproc is invoked by whom, postproc
will have an argument, "-when". But I can't find anything about that
it 'man post' or in "man whom", so I am clearly confused.

    Norman Shapiro

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