Ken Hornstein <> writes:
>> I believe that nmh users are sophisticated enough that they actually
>> know what a Locale is, and an encoding, and if they google for more
>> information they will understand what they read.  I think that they
>> are going to want a way to specify what they want in their mh_profile
>> though.

> Weeeelll ... my reluctance there is I don't want to duplicate Unix
> functionality without a very good reason.  And Unix already umpteen
> ways to do this; you could wrap all of the nmh commands with aliases
> or shell wrappers, for one.  It just feels unnecessary.

I thought Laura's suggestion was to be able to put something like

locale: en_GB.utf8

into ~/.mh_profile, which seems eminently sensible to me.  Yes, there
are other ways to get the same result, but they're hacks.  Wrapping
every MH command with a shell wrapper in order to force its locale
is surely a hack.  The alternative of a session-wide LC/LANG setting
may have side-effects that the user doesn't want, so I'd rate that
as a hack too.

                        regards, tom lane

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