>I believe that nmh users are sophisticated enough that they actually
>know what a Locale is, and an encoding, and if they google for more
>information they will understand what they read.  I think that they
>are going to want a way to specify what they want in their mh_profile

Weeeelll ... my reluctance there is I don't want to duplicate Unix
functionality without a very good reason.  And Unix already umpteen
ways to do this; you could wrap all of the nmh commands with aliases
or shell wrappers, for one.  It just feels unnecessary.

>We have a terminal room with shared workstations that all have a
>very restricted number of Mathematica licenses.  I haven't been there
>for a few years, but it used to be the case that Mathematica wanted
>LC_ALL=C which had the result that people couldn't send mail from
>those terminals using some of their favourite mailers, and moreover
>had absolutely no clue as to what was wrong.

Really?  Way to blow it, Wolfram!

>One thing I do not
>know is how common it is, these days, for people to share computers.
>A long time ago it was common.  Then it became uncommon, as everybody
>used their own personal laptop.  These days, at least around here, there
>is a sizable segment of the population which doesn't own  anything
>larger than a cell phone or a tablet, so the demand is on, again
>for shared spaces.

We have a very different environment, which is not surprising.  For
stuff like email, everyone has their own workstation.  For higher-power
computing, there are a few centralized systems; email works on those
systems, but it's generally not used.


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