In a message of Tue, 18 Oct 2016 14:17:24 +0100, Ralph Corderoy writes:
>Hi Tom,
>If you just have one long-running Emacs then can't that be in the UTF-8
>locale?  Or is your C-needing ls(1) run from inside that?
>Have Emacs highlight non-ASCII characters in that mode wherever they
>come from, e.g. paste from web browser?  Have a function that maps the
>common ones to ASCII, perhaps using recode(1)?  Filter the buffer when
>writing the file, erroring if it can't be written?  Then you can send
>valid US-ASCII emails.
>Cheers, Ralph.

I don't know about Tom, but my problem isn't that I want to send valid
US-ASCII emails, but that I _never_ want to send valid us-ascii emails.  Even
when replying to mail that is encoded us-ascii, or when sitting at
a workstation that isn't mine, which has that as its locale, or, has
no locale set and is defaulting to C or however else you can get nmh
to conclude you want us-ascii ...  And the last thing I want to
happen is for nmh to not be able to tell what I want, stick in us-ascii
(because the thing needs a content header, and that's the default), and
then give me grief because the mail I assembled with some script somewhere
contained lots of invalid us-ascii.  This, I thought, was what was happening
to Tom, or whoever it was who had the bad emacs-nmh experience.

I thought that mh_profile would be a good place to send a love letter to
nmh.  "Dear nmh. I see that you cleverly concluded that I wanted
us-ascii.  Alas, you were wrong.  Just be a good chap and give me utf-8.
Thank you."


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