>> (And it occurs to me that even setting the locale properly probably
>> will not fix your specific problem, as you have described it;
>> forwarding messages using MIME will).
>I don't think this got addressed.  If a nmh-specific locale doesn't fix
>the problem then let's not add it.

As I understand it, Tom said his problem was when he forwarded some
email to someone else and it contained 8-bit characters.  I suspect this
was done with "forw" (or the Forward button in exmh).

Locale settings aside, there's no way for the editor to know that arbitrary
character from another message is UTF-8, ISO-8859-1, or anything else.
That information _IS_ in the forwarded message, but with plain old forw
it's lost.  If you use forw -mime, then it all works; the downside there is
you need to know to run mhbuild on that message.


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