ken wrote:
 > >> (And it occurs to me that even setting the locale properly probably
 > >> will not fix your specific problem, as you have described it;
 > >> forwarding messages using MIME will).
 > >
 > >I don't think this got addressed.  If a nmh-specific locale doesn't fix
 > >the problem then let's not add it.
 > As I understand it, Tom said his problem was when he forwarded some
 > email to someone else and it contained 8-bit characters.  I suspect this
 > was done with "forw" (or the Forward button in exmh).
 > Locale settings aside, there's no way for the editor to know that arbitrary
 > character from another message is UTF-8, ISO-8859-1, or anything else.
 > That information _IS_ in the forwarded message, but with plain old forw
 > it's lost.  If you use forw -mime, then it all works; the downside there is
 > you need to know to run mhbuild on that message.

and both of those things (making "forw -mime" the default, and running
mhbuild) are on the list for 1.7, correct?  so does that mean that this
problem is/was already on the path to being fixed?

paul fox, (arlington, ma, where it's 52.0 degrees)

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