On Jun 7, 2009, at 9:54 AM, Jason wrote:

> If I'm reading Drew's comments correctly, it seems to conflict with
> the logic outlined in the FAQ and link that he provides.  The FAQ
> states:
> "When set to the first half, MoneyWell will fill all the buckets set
> to "First Half" fully and the buckets set to "All Month" partially.
> Those buckets set to "Second Half" are ignored."
> The way I interpret this, if you set the allocation timing of a bucket
> to the first half of the month, that bucket is given priority and the
> "fill to" amount is filled completely.
> The FAQ seems to stated that you prioritize the timing of expense
> buckets based on when in the month (first half/second half) you pay
> the bill.  It seems logical that you can then allocate income to those
> buckets in the first half of the month for expenses that are incurred
> in the first half of the month.

 From what I read, he had his buckets set to "All Month" and that's  
why he's not getting them filled completely until the Allocate Income  
panel is set to "Second Half" timing. During the first half of the  
month, the all month buckets get filled half of the remaining planned  
amount. You can see how this could continue to fill them partially.

> Lastly, is timing for when you allocate income a variable in this
> process?  For example, I'm paid on the 15th and the 30th of the month
> and had planned on allocating income after I log income for each
> date.  I'm assuming that I will log the income on the 15th, use the
> allocate income process, and my buckets that are set as "first half"
> will be prioritized.  Then on the 30th, I'll do the same process and
> my buckets set for the "second half" will be prioritized.
> Am I understanding correctly and is this the best process to follow?

Actually, the buckets are filled in priority order as you have placed  
them on the list. MoneyWell starts at the top and works its way down  
applying the other rules for first/second/all month timing.


Kevin Hoctor
No Thirst Software LLC

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