Hi all,

This is what I was trying to achieve, just for clarity.

All my direct debits come out of Moneywell on the 1st of the month. I
am paid on the first on the month. I want to fill my buckets in one go
at that time. From what I am reading I need to set the allocate income
to the 2nd half of the month and all will be well. Looking forward to
next month :-)

Best wishes


On Jun 8, 3:13 am, Druzyne <drew.k...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Jason,
> I just wanted to make sure you understand that the "Timing" of an
> allocation is specified in two places: once on your Spending Plan,
> where you specify First Half/Second Half/All Month for each bucket;
> and second on the Allocate Income panel (after you click the "Allocate
> Income" icon) where you specify that the allocation is for the First
> Half or Second Half of the month.
> The setting on the Allocate Income panel seems to adjust automatically
> based on the current date, but it can be changed. So, for those like
> myself who are paid once a month, and want to allocate once a month,
> we must specifically choose a "Second Half" allocation on the first of
> a month for all of our income to be allocated (since it's already
> there). I believe this was what Michael was trying to achieve.
> You really should try to see a difference between the "timing" of a
> bucket, and the "priority" of a bucket. Priority means deciding that
> if there are limited funds, the electric bill should always win out
> against a vacation fund. This setting is best for those that have
> variable or unpredictable income. Timing means that if you're paid bi-
> weekly or semi-monthly, you can hold off on allocating to your
> electricity bucket until the second paycheck, because the bill is due
> at the end of the month. These settings have different purposes for
> different situations.
> I'm glad, however, that Kevin shared how priority figures into timing
> and allocation. For those that allocate twice a month, it shows how
> beneficial it would be to always set the timing of low-priority
> buckets to "Second Half" (in the Spending Plan). It's not a big deal,
> though, since you can always flow money out of low-priority buckets.
> //Drew
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