Firstly, thanks for the full explanations!

On Thu, 03 Dec 2009 17:04:52 -0800, Carl Worth <cworth at> wrote:
> The notmuch-folder command is definitely a nice primary interface to
> notmuch for some people. I'm seriously considering making it the view
> that one gets with "M-x notmuch" (after the notmuch-folder view gets a
> little sprucing up).

  Coming from sup and being a gmail user "emacs -f notmuch" seems like
the natural mail interface to me. Still, even if the default view
changes I can switch to just opening a tag:inbox search.

  I've left the elisp-make-autoload-file change in our builds, which
means all the ";;;###autoload" enveloped functions are available. Nobody
seems to be upset by the change.

> As for notmuch-search, I find it very convenient to have the ability to
> do a "M-x notmuch-search" (or perhaps even a simpler keybinding for it)
> From any random emacs buffer. If you don't live inside emacs, and just
> have a single emacs frame open for notmuch sake, maybe that's not as
> interesting.

  Carl, you've got me pegged.  I use the /other/ editor, I only
installed emacs for notmuch.

  For me, I've already managed to train myself to just fire up notmuch
and hit 's' when searching. The extra search buffer that method creates
makes no difference to my personal usage patterns.



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