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> I actually really like having notmuch open right into my "inbox".

Well, at least that option won't ever go away. :-)

> I thought part of the point of notmuch was to get rid of the whole dump
> idea of folders!

There's certainly lots of brain-damage in "folder-based" email
programs. And obviously, we don't want to encourage that. I think one of
the biggest things that notmuch provides to avoid the brain damage is
global search.

So what I'm imagining for the default notmuch view is something like

        Welcome to notmuch.

            Notmuch search: _________________________________________

        Saved searches:

            55,342      All messages
                22      Inbox

        Recent searches:

                 1      from:"someone special" and tag:unread
                34      tag:notmuch and tag:todo

        Click (or press Enter) on any search to see the results.
        Right-click (or press Space) on any recent search to save it.

So the "saved searches" portion of the view is basically just what
notmuch-folder displays now. Above that there's an obvious place to
start a new search, (in a slightly more "web-browser-like" way than the
typical mini-buffer approach).

All recent searches appear in the list at the bottom automatically, and
there's the documented mechanism for saving a search, (giving it a name
and having it appear above).

I think the above should do a good job of emphasizing what notmuch is,
and how a search-based email program is fundamentally different than a
folder-based approach.


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