I think right after the GMA appearance it will hit the Fools Gold mark.
That video for Fury is horrible, it makes no sense, no innovation at
all. Watered down, 'lets not spend too much on this' just in case the
album flops type of video.
WARNING, SARCASM AHEAD: and I like the way he used the pictures of NPGMC
members he asked us to send in for a video last year.

<Moderator: LMAO I forgot about that! I think that crap is going to be on 
mythological 3121 "The Video" soon to never be released -Derek>

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yeah i say without any other promotion, 10 weeks.

The video for Fury looks botched so I don't think that's going to boost
much.  But maybe the GMA appearance will do something so I'll say 4 to 6
weeks with the GMA thing.

<Moderator: GMA is going to be an interesting variable. Too little too
late for me. A I feel would be the only thing that would give this a

On 5/17/06, Lockhart, Daryle [GSM] <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I'm in for 2 weeks for gold.
> We should do a pool for when it reaches that  imaginary 1.2 million
> number.
> <Moderator: 2 weeks?! At the rate it's going? I am thinking about 10
> weeks.
> 1.2 million domestically or internationally?  Domestically? Probably
> :-D
> Maybe around the same time as New Power Soul does LMAO!  -Derek>
> On May 17, 2006, at 6:32 PM, Derek wrote:
> While it's chart position still continue to slip 3121 did actually
> sold 7%
> better then the previous week. This week 3121 charted 93 [which is
> down 13
> from last week] on the Billboard Top 200. It sold 13,081 which is a
> whooping
> 820 more then it did last week...
> I was thinking we should start a 3121 Gold Record pool. As of 5.15.06
> 3121
> sold 402,532 units domestically. It needs 500,000 to be considered a
> gold
> record in the USA. The pool would be to guess how many weeks it takes
> sell 500,000 units
> Anyone interested?
> ...Oh if anyone cares 3121 now at 22 on the R&B charts. Last week it
> was 20.

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