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Adam Lindsay wrote:

\loadmapfile[pdftex_dl14] % Make sure we embed the dingbats
\definefontsynonym [ZapfDingbat] [pzdr] % maybe uzdr

better use uzdr since pzdr is an aliassed file

another thing to work on: uzdr.tfm wasn't on my gwTeX install, but an
aliased pzdr was. Sigh.

this differes per year; i keep changing these names and always lag behind one tex live version because i find out afterwards

Let's ask the Master Of TeXLive Fiel Management:


i think that we need to get rid of the urw mappings in the aliases file

we can just have two copies of those (few) files and we need to make sure that we don't change it [i wonder, is it possible to make some parts of the repository write only, i.e. avoid the danger of removal?)

one of the previous tex lives someone moved the urw's to some 35vf folder, after that things went bad (got lost and such); i discussed this with Staszek and he reverted it;

this kind of things has to do with the everlasting some urw fonts can be exchanged with some built in ps fonts as claimed by walter cum suis (which is not true, ask nelson -)

i have no problem if this introduces a mess for latex users but context (users) expect the whole set of urw (afm & pfb) to be present because they generate other encodings and such;

[i cc to volker * jerzy + staszek because they may know of similar problems bering reported]


ps. i know that thomas has a minimalistic approach: as less files as possible and this is one source of the aliasses file; maybe fine for tetex, but potentially disastrous for tex live

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