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ps. For those unfamiliar with the tex community, when we talk 'research' and 
such, keep in mind that most tex related research is kind of bogus, wishful 
thinking, sounding serious, etc. and that most 'projects' are just 'activities 
by enthousiatic users' In the end it's all about esthetics which is more about 
feeling and intuition and pretty much driven by user demsnds. In a similar 
fashion most 'tex conferences' are more user meetings.

Will there be new units to represent the amount of alcohol that has to be 
imbibed in order to (a) create the joke and (b) understand it?

I'm not sure which of these needs to be the larger. Perhaps that could be the 
subject of the next research?
During the meeting (aka conference) and in preparation Mikael and I were on 0% alcohol beers, so effectively that unit would then be a multiplier of zero, but I'm sure you can find a usage for that.

I forgot to check what the pct was of the wine at the (as usual) huge dinner but I can check the bottle I got from DT. Talking percentages, maybe some high res percentage primitive is interesting (we have .4\somedimen but for counters one needs to cheat a bit).

Actually we were talking of some 'eps' and interval based comparison in order to avoid small issues with accumulated rounding (in the sp range) but that is a side track.


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