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> Am 2008-04-17 um 10:13 schrieb Wolfgang Schuster:
> > Before I start to give you information about my module and
> > give you the chance to mention your own wishes or thoughts
> > about the inteface I'm interested what do you use currently to
> > write you own correspondence (letter, invoices etc.).
> I normally use InDesign for my business letters and invoices.

Dou you use a template for your letters.

LaTeX has two packages to create invoices and we could also
have one for ConTeXt but it makes only sense to use it with LuaTeX,
TeX's arithmetic to limited for longer calculations.

> But I coded my last job applications completely in ConTeXt and
> adapted Holger Schöner's environment for my needs.
> I remember it was not that easy to get my address and logo exactly in
> the same places as in my InDesign template - I use sheets with some
> pre-printed elements.
> Another problem were different letter heads for first, odd and even
> pages.

Different header for the first and another one for the following headers
is simple and possible with my module. The option to change the layout
for odd and even pages is currently not supported but should be
possible but it has to be integrated in the normal interface.

> (It would have been *much* easier to use InDesign for that stuff,
> like for most other designs that I do...)

This is also possible with ConTeXt because you could setup layers
to place content dependent on left and right pages and the page layout
could also change for left and right pages as long as you don't change
the text width.

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