On Thu, Apr 17 2008, Wolfgang Schuster wrote:

> After nearly one and a helf years and 2 major revisions I have
> nearly finished my module and would will make it now available
> also to other users. But before I make my last stable version
> online I want to discuss a few points with interested users.

Hello Wolfgang,

Already in advance: thank you very much!  With such a module, I can finally
forget really all about LaTeX. Sometimes I still use scrlttr2.cls and at
these moments I swear to write a letter module one day. Now I know, that I
won't need to do this difficult (for me) task.

> Before I start to give you information about my module and
> give you the chance to mention your own wishes or thoughts
> about the inteface I'm interested what do you use currently to
> write you own correspondence (letter, invoices etc.).

First, I used lettre.cls (LaTeX class). It has one really great feature:
the vertical spaces are recalculated at every pass, in order to get a last
page filled at least to 50%. Without this, you can easily get a second page
with only the closing and the signature.

Then, for some reason that I forgot, I switched to scrlttr2.cls. And I
patched it to get the same minimum-50%-feature. Unfortunately, this patch is
no more working with recent versions of scrlttr2...
(-> http://pmrb.free.fr/work/OS/LaTeX/lettre.lco )

I would welcome such a feature in your module!

Cheers, Peter


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