Yue Wang wrote:
Hi, Hans:

here is the solution to your great feature:

huh? what great features? what's wrong with the features anyway? you want a special version that instead prints hundreds of error messages each and every run because some font is missing which in practice is harmless?

in font-ini.mkii to
to disable that feature.

it should be \defaultfontfile{file:lmmono10-regular} (when i played with that this morning it made not much difference on the test runs here but the file: prefix does not hurt)

don't use the "[ ]" syntax which is rather engine specific

i moved all xetex code to a separate file font-xtx now (not sure if that has side effects due to definition order but don't want to mess up the mkii code)

but it cannot solve the suffix problem nor the name lookup problems due to caching


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