On Sun, Jun 14, 2009 at 19:26, luigi scarso wrote:
>> The problem is that current pstopdf doesn't work reliably for me (no
>> way to do EPSCrop, sometimes wrong paper orientation, the graphic
>> missing completely ...),
> hmm strange -- do you have an example ?

For wrong paper orientation you can try (in gnuplot):

set term post
set output "x.ps"
plot sin(x)

and then convert the resulting file. For missing graphic I remember
exporting a file in OpenOffice Draw or something similar. (I can try
to find it.)

> By defautl gs choose rotation studying dominant text orientation on current
> page; cfr Setting page orientation
> in Ps2pdf.htm
> There is an option in pstopdf -dAutoRotatePages=/None .

Exactly that's the problem. Removing this particular option from the
default options that are applied to GS run solves the problem.

>> so I usually stick to ps2pdf (perl or shell,
>> I think)
> A wrapper shell around gs
> There is also pstill
> http://www.wizards.de/~frank/pstill.html

I'll try it out just for fun :)

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