On 18-1-2010 14:15, Alan BRASLAU wrote:

This is true of many standard TeX ligatures (is this the right word here?)

actually they are inoput tricks misusing tex's ligature mechanism and there are also some weird ones (never used in practice)

such as ... (\ldots, \dots also works),<<  (\og),>>  (\fg), "` (\glqq),
"' (\grqq), ~ (unbreakable space), etc.

~ is a macro

This can be a bit disturbing for experienced TeX users.

OK, \quotation{} is cleaner and of course using unicode
characters may be even more readable, sometimes.

I have very mixed feelings, as I know how to type ...
but I never can recall the keyboard gymnastics necessary
to get this in unicode.

\somenameforasymbol is always okay

but as taco mentioned ... in mkiv these pseudo ligs are sort of gone


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