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> Thanks for your reply.  Both.  But Luigi seems to say LuaTeX can NOT
> actually produce DVI.  Or is that just ConTeXt?
LuaTex aims to become the next pdftex, and  it already has a dvi output mode.
ConText mkiv today is very pdf oriented, it doesn't support dvi very
well, if at all.

>With "minimals" I can't
> run luatex directly.  It wants a format file that is not there.
You can build one: see files under
exp. luatex-plain.tex

> Presumably "maximals" has it.  So I can't try using "luatex
> --backend=dvi hello_world" directly on my hello_world.tex to see if
> that option's supported.
The option is  --output-format
--output-format=FORMAT        use FORMAT for job output; FORMAT is
'dvi' or 'pdf'
If CACHE is the dir of your cache where there are  the formats
you can try just now with

luatex --fmt="$CACHE/cont-en" --lua="$CACHE/cont-en.lui" --backend=dvi

> The "LuaTeX Reference" has not yet achieved an index and I don't know
> where else a list of luatex command line options might be found.
try to search inside the pdf then with xpdf
> But if there is no dvi or final ps output I think perhaps ConTeXt is
> not for me just now.  Something Unix-oriented would be more usable.
> Something alien will throw up other problems.
I'm using Linux from 20years and I must to say that minimal is  full
Unix oriented
(I always though  that with context Hans uses Windows in an Unix way)
I don't understand why you are so tied to dvi.
Even postscript is a bit outdated as final output: pdf is the standard-defacto
and convert pdf to ps is really easy with the suite of programs from
xpdf or acrobat reader.
If you like the Unix way a bash script is trivial.

> Oh, yes.  May have a look at MkII.  But does it use LuaTeX?
no, it uses pdftex

>  The
> possibility of easy macros in Lua rather than difficult macros in TeX
> would be one attraction of ConTeXt.
Really True (I sould say TRUE) .
> Maybe Eplain LuaTeX is what I
> need.
No sure: mkiv adds a lots of lua macros that you should rewrite by yourself then

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