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Am 2013-06-24 10:27, schrieb Keith J. Schultz:

as such ConTexT should support the use of the size table in its font
but as Hans has mentioned design sizes a very special and few actually
what that information means and put it to a useful purpose.

Question would be in far this font feature should be rudimentarily

IMO, they should be fully supported. There are not so many fonts with
that property and even less in the free software world, so one can
assume that somebody possessing such font knows what that means and
probably expects its support.

It doesn't change the fact that predictable font names (including weight, width, variant and modifier) are (and will remain) a mess so users need to know precisely what they ask for, even automatisms kick in. Ok, most users won't notice as dont definition files take care of loading, but in that case taking care of the designsizes can be hidden as well (which it is).

I think, context should by default use the appropriate font for each
font-size corresponding to the design range defined in the font’s table,
while providing an interface to override that automatism.

Well, in that case we should also obey min/max specs that say that fonts cannot be used below or above certain sizes (and I found quite some that has such narrow ranges).

In the case of eb ... it's just a few entries in a goodie file, so that does the job. In pratice, finding a properly matched and sized monospace and math takes more time -)


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