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Recently, stackexchange started a similar project:

You can create a context tag and create example documents. The difficulty with such projects, as usual, is to have a critical mass for others to browse and contribute. One could start by "porting" existing examples from the wiki, mailing list, tex.stackexchange, etc.

Scratch that. It seems that documentation tags can only be created for topics that are popular on stackoverflow (not stackexchange).


And a ConTeXt tag must already exist on Stack Overflow, which I didn't find. So it seems we can wait a while before there would be examples in ConTeXt.

I find stackoverflow too elitist, once I was reading a question and I wanted to help with an answer but it wasn't possible to do because it was the first time I wanted to contribute in stackoverflow and of course I was lacking the needed reputation. I am interested to help when I see an occasion to and when I am in the mood for that ;-). So I found that frustrating and it didn't make me interested to contribute there.

On the other hand, I understand their will to have good quality questions and answer and I appreciate that. I am just feeling it must be a better way to do that.
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