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>> There are ConTeXt threads on
> You are confusing Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange ;-). Actually I didn't 
> find the ConTeXt tag there :

No, I’m not confusing them. They’re the same company, share accounts, 
reputation etc.
All TeX related questions belong on, not on 
stackoverflow, so there *shouldn’t* exist any tex, latex, context, luatex etc. 
tags on stackoverflow.
But look here:

>> Hm, in my experience you get the necessary basic permissions really soon.
> Ok, I can't remember exactly, but it was possible that I wanted to answer a 
> question in a comment below someone post, which require a reputation of 50.

Of course, there are hurdles. I can understand they might be too high to start, 
but their quality assurance mostly works well.

It’s getting OT here, let’s stop.

Greetlings, Hraban
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