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> Yeah, I kmow about using e.g. AsciiDoc(tor)’s docbook5 backend to export
> to DocBook which can be used as input format in Pandoc, but the problem
> is if I would liek to e.g. use Pandoc to create e.g. reveal.js
> presentation, then AsciiDoc input is of no help, since one can only do:
> {txt,md} --> Pandoc --> reveal.js

but why couldn't you do:

AsciiDoc => DocBook => Pandoc => reveal.js

Albeit, an extra step?

> > IMO, if you are debating on learning Context, i think that would be a
> > good use of your time.
> I also believe the same, although, interestingly,
> footnotes-withing-footnote does not work with MkIV. :-)

It worked for me, here was my source:

I've reached a stage in my life where, and perhaps its older age, but certain 
things mean more. As I said, the printed word, says so much. 
\footnote {As opposed to sad songs.
\note [footej]}
\footnotetext [footej] {Sorry Elton.\note [footdes]}
\footnotetext [footdes] {Elton John, and probably Bernie Taupin, are credited 
with the song, "Sad Songs Say So Much".\note [footdesmore]
 \footnotetext [footdesmore] {This song was also used as a commercial...  so 
much for artistic integrity. 


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