Hi all,

excellent excuse to pester the list with a program: it’s for my presentation at 
the ConTeXt meeting (have YOU registered yet?)… So: I want to show verbatim 
xml, and I’m writing in xml. This solution: 
http://wiki.contextgarden.net/Verbatim_XML mostly works (for Lua and TeX code), 
except for one little detail: for verbatim xml, it also prints the <xmlcode> 
tag. Example:


\startxmlsetups xml:testsetups


function xml.functions.processXML(t)
        buffers.assign("MyXml", "\\startXML\n" .. tostring(xml.text(t)) .. 
        context.getbuffer { "MyXml" }

\startxmlsetups xml:a

\startxmlsetups xml:xmlcode



How can this be prevented? 

Thanks, and best wishes

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