On 8/8/2017 10:43 PM, Pablo Rodriguez wrote:
On 08/08/2017 09:36 AM, Hans Hagen wrote:
On 8/7/2017 11:03 PM, Pablo Rodriguez wrote:
But even in that case, numbering from:



    1 A
    1 B

Should it be the following?

    1 A
    1.1 B

no it would be 1 and 1.0.1 then

Sorry, I haven’t explained myself, Hans.

With the complete sample:


Being the default and criterium applied, we get:

  1 A
  1 B

Isn’t this (again, I mean the default, not the extra option you are
going to implement) a wrong structuring?

sure, the input is wrong

I may understand that the original code considers the \subsubsection as
\subsection in regard to numbering to keep the structure, but
considering \subsubsection in the previous sample as a \section in
regard to numbering destroys the structure.

I hope this is clear now.
a zero in the number indicates that preceding levels are to be omitted

it has alway been the case ... this will not change ... a feature, not a bug

(if one systematically leaves out level one can use the relative sectioning mechanism i.e. subsub becomes sub then etc)

adding all kind of heuristics for weird structure is not on the agenda as it means lots of parameters and explanations and additional mess in subsystems that depend on structure being right


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