** Hans Hagen [2019-09-10 17:18:45 +0200]:

> On 9/10/2019 4:11 PM, Vladimir Lomov wrote:
>> Hello,
>> today I updated lmtx and on simple
>>    $ context --version
>> I get segfault (in the same time luametatex --version works fine).
>> Running under gdb shows me that the problem might be in one of 'realloc'
>> calls.
>> The context from Context Suite (mkiv) works fine.
>> P.S. I tested on two systems, both runs Archlinux x86_64.
> can you completely wipe the texmf-cache directory and then run
> mtxrun --generate
> context --make
> (there is a change in bytecode that gets not automatically noticed that can
> give that crash)

Yes, that "fixed" the problem, thank you.

> Hans
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